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Spider Therapy: Journey from EEEK! to Eh

First a disclaimer to fellow arachnophobes – there are no embedded pictures and videos of spiders in the post – although there are a couple of links you might want to click, at your discretion, that might bring you in contact with pictures of spiders. 

Everybody who knows me, knows that one of the biggest parts of my identity has always been my  fear of spiders. Those who know me less have always found it hilarious that a 2 meter tall (6’6”) guy runs away from 0.5 cm spiders (0.2”), exits the room and demands removal of the interloper. More often than not, those same people would then victoriously present the said spider, alive and kicking, because it generates decent lulz. 

Those that know me better… still found it hilarious but did have a bit more understanding, often removing the spiders calmly without even letting me notice them.