About the blog


I am a Zagreb-raised, London-based sociologist working in data science.


I’ve been thinking about creating a blog for a long time. Moving to London gave me an opportunity to, at the very least, write about the cultural and societal differences between British and Croatian society.

However, over the last couple of months, I’m finding myself in more and more need of an outlet for social commentary, especially regarding Croatian society. So an idea occurred to use this blog as a way of channelling all that built-up energy into a hopefully reasonable piece of text.

The main purpose of the blog then, is to provide for a personal outlet for issues that are bugging me. On the other hand, it might end up giving you a chuckle or a good pondering, so why not put it online.


This blog will…not really have a coherent thematic structure. There’ll be some social commentary about Croatian society, that will be published only in Croatian, and there will be some observations about the British-Croatian differences that will be in English and Croatian. Also, any kind of broad topic coverage will be published bilingually as well. Some open-source data analysis might find its way here, as well as some personal stuff. But probably not.


By putting words and images on screen in a whimsical way.

Who cares?

Probably nobody.

Why the name?

The main purpose of the blog is to keep me from getting into pointless arguments by providing me with an outlet. Hence, it’s a clinic for my argumentative nature.

I’m also a huge fan of nonsensical humour.


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